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Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's New and Old in the East Village

2nd Avenue, NYC
Photo by myself in the East Village, around Second Avenue and Ninth Street.

The old-fashioned Polish-Ukranian butcher in the background, East Village Meat Market, has a huge following. They offer homemade kielbasa, pierogies, blintzes and smoked meats.


Not all buildings in the East Village are quaint, old brownstones.

There are some recently-erected modern towers here and there, mostly near 8th Street and 4th Avenue, near the Cooper Union school. One tower made it to the news recently, when singer John Legend bought a one-bedroom condo for 2.3 million dollars.

Yes, a one-bedroom for 2.3 million dollars. It's 1,300 sf and it's pretty damned photogenic.

The modern white tower with open floors is located at 4th Street and 4th Avenue. Legend will be living in the same building as Moby. The building has a doorman, outdoor pool and indoor parking.

For a tour of the apartment, click here.

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dianasfaria.com said...

since I'm polish, I should check this place out!
great shot Kitty.

• Eliane • said...

I remember when Moby was so proud of still living in a tiny studio in the East Village.

Stephanie Kim said...

east village is aweesome! i live in the west but venturing out to the otherside always is something i look forward to

Ruth Hope said...

what's sf? Science fiction I'm guessing?

Ruth Hope said...

oh! I am stoopid! square feet!!!