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Friday, August 21, 2009

The East River at Dusk

East River, NYCPhoto by myself of Manhattan, from the Brooklyn Promenade.

All along the water's edge, public parks are under construction. In the last several years under Mayor Bloomberg's rule, the waterfronts of Manhattan and Brooklyn have undergone intense revitalization.


I really cannot wait until the parks are complete along the Brooklyn waterfront.

Apparently the parks will wind around continuously for 14 miles, spanning from Greenpoint to Sunset Park. As a Brooklynite, I can tell you that that is huge. By car, those neighborhoods are worlds apart. You have to travel over the Brooklyn Queens Expressway to get from one to the other, and/or suffer many bumpy, crappy roads.

Since much of the waterfront had been industrial, there is a lot to clean up. Shipyards still exist in Red Hook, where you can see cranes loading huge container vessels.

Already the parks near Williamsburg and Columbia Street in Carroll Gardens are far along. The area above, near Brooklyn Heights, has a long way to go.

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bitingmidge said...

I photographed a lady yesterday wearing a jumper with that very skyline on it! She was a street person in Paris, and it was all very surreal.

Your pic made me giggle when I saw it!


Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Kitty said...

Hi Bitingmidge

It's amazing to me you recognized the skyline. I feel the skyline to be much less distinctive without the World Trade Center.

Love your pelican photos!