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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moving and Shaking, the Diamond District

Diamond District, NYC
Photo by myself in the Diamond District, around 47th Street and Sixth Avenue.

Something about this photo with the lettering, pawn shop sign and characters reminds me of a movie. A mob hit was just awarded or a heist is in progress.


I will try to keep my kvetching to a minimum, as I recover from the chicken pox. Friday was a long day.

Among other things, I took a car service to visit my doctor in the city, since Mark was working. It's a long ride and the driver and I struck up a conversation.

'Where are you from?' he asked.

'Oh, I grew up in Boston but I've lived in New York several years.'

'I'm from Israel,' he said.

'I've heard Israel is very old and beautiful.'

'Let's visit it together, you and I.'

WHAT??! Was this guy blind? Did he not see that I looked like I'd run into a nest of angry bees?

I suppose I should have been flattered. I let him know my relationship status. He told me about his divorce. He told me about a 4-year relationship with a woman in Canada who was decidedly 'not beautiful'.

Then I introduced him to the world of online dating.

'Do you have a computer?'

'Yes,' he said, looking into the rear view mirror warily.

Well, then.

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Saretta said...

Can't blame a guy for trying! Maybe you looked better than you felt! LOL! ;-)

dianasfaria.com said...

I'm glad you saw a DR, I feel better now! & of course I hope you feel better soon too.
These guys definitely look like a bunch of goodfellas.
I especially love the old signage.

elsie said...

you did capture a very cinematic moment in this shot - it looks like a movie still.

how cute of you to direct him to online dating! I highly recommend it, I met my husband on Match.com almost 14 years ago!!

Velvet Eden said...

Oh no! You got the chicken pox? I hope you are doing fine since I got mine this year~!

Stay off tomatoes and strawberries while the skin is healing. I learnt it the hard way coz i'm not normally allergic to them!

Sorry I have not been leaving comments on your blog. But I still read it! =) Get well soon Kitty!

Debra said...

So sorry about the chicken pox! Hope you will feel better soon!

Kitty said...

ha Saretta, I didn't think of that

Thanks dear Lily!

Hi Elsiee
That's so cool. I know several married and committed couples that have met online. It's one pro-active way of meeting available singles

Hi Velvet
I remember your saying that you haf it earlier this year. Eek.

Thanks for the tips. It's nice to know others have survived adult chicken pox. Gives me hope!

Thank you Debra!!

• Eliane • said...

Yes, you are so right about that! Like a movie set. :)
I keep on saying it but your b&w scenes are so great.

jewelry nyc said...

I hope you will get well soon, have patience.