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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reflecting on Tribeca

Tribeca stoop, NYC
Photo by myself in Tribeca, around Warren and Greenwich Streets.

This small neighborhood near City Hall is known for its historic loft buildings.


I have to admit that even though I lived in Manhattan for a while, I never fully got a grip on where Tribeca was (!).

The times I visited I was with people who knew what they were doing, or I was visiting a particular venue. The Odeon, for example, a classic bistro on West Broadway. Or Walkers, another bar/restaurant with old style charm.

I tried going there recently but wound up near the World Trade Center, walking aimlessly. How embarrassing!

Now, after finding it again, I think the best options are these - go to City Hall and walk west, or go to the Chambers Street subway station. The neighborhood is rather small, so it's easy to miss.

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Kizz said...

Since it's technically the TRIangle BElow CAnal, do you cover it all if you get off at the Canal St A station and walk to City Hall. It's confusing now since it's been redefined by business and Real Estate. I was down way west on Chambers last week and walked past some diner with Tribeca in its name.

Kitty said...

Hi Kizz!
That makes sense. I should try wandering around and getting lost some more. Seems like I only get to know a place once I get lost a few times.

Fashion Schlub said...

love the photo...and feel your pain with the getting lost thing. when I'm in the city I always EVENTUALLY find where I'm going, but I never really KNOW where I'm going. it's taken me like mumble40mumblesomething years just to get the hang of ALL of Long Island, and now I'm about to move! time to start all over again!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

I always think of Tribeca as the streets from Church St going to the west. I suppose Broadway below Canal is technically part of Tribeca too although it doesn't feel like part of the neighbourhood since it is so different to Church or W Broadway. I always feel like that stretch of Broadway between Canal and City Hall doesn't seem to belong to any neighbourhood.

• Eliane • said...

LOVE THIS!!! Yes, in caps. Because it's fantastic. :)