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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The View from Brooklyn Bridge Beach

Manhattan Beach
Photo by myself at Manhattan Beach, between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

Yet another photo from my tour the other day of the East River. The tall buildings of the Financial District can be seen beyond the bridge.

Many people sat on steps leading to the water to watch the sunset in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The entire shoreline is being developed and will soon be beautifully landscaped.

To see the future planned park, click here.


Incidentally, this weekend an air accident occurred on the other (west) side of Manhattan, above the Hudson River.

A helicopter collided with a small private plane on Saturday. The helicopter was one of many that take tourists out for aerial tours. The two aircraft went down into water near 14th Street. All those in the aircraft, a total of nine, were killed.

Unfortunately, Saturday happened to be a bright day. The west edge of Manhattan was heavily populated with people in the parks. There's no telling how many people witnessed the tragic accident.

Air accidents in New York are extremely rare. Actually, accidents in general are rare here, considering all that goes on (taxis, bike messengers, pedestrians and pedicabs). It's very safe to travel within New York.

For more on the crash, click here.

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Olivier said...

j'aime bien cette vue, cela fait vraiment photo d'été, les gens sur la plage. j'ai toujours pensé que Manhattan beach était pas loin de Brighton Beach.

Kitty said...

Oh dear, Olivier, you are right. I've changed the title of my post.


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Wayne said...

I know exactly where this is, I went down there last fall.

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