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Sunday, September 6, 2009

City Portraits - Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn
Photo by myself in Green-Wood Cemetery, in Brooklyn.

This enormous cemetery is located next to Park Slope and Sunset Park, in Brooklyn, just a train ride from Manhattan.

Many notable people are buried here, as well as Civil War dead. In fact, a Civil War battle was fought here called the Battle of Brooklyn, on August 27, 1776. The American side lost to the British, so the battle was lost from memory for many years.

Recently the battle has been re-enacted yearly. In fact, the anniversary was just last week. You can see a clip here.


Saturday afternoon, Mark, Rupert and I toured quickly through Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. It was our first time visiting, though we've wanted to go for some time now.

Unfortunately, our little dog Rupert had to pee, and dogs are not allowed on the grass. So our time was limited!

Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn

The cemetery is 478 acres huge, with rolling hills, scenic roads and even some ponds. Sculptures and mausoleums were scattered everywhere.

Our map told us that Leonard Bernstein, the late conductor and composer, was buried near the area where the Civil War battle took place. I jumped out of the car to look for his headstone.

Thinking he'd have some kind of grand mausoleum or crypt, I wandered around for several minutes, only to find a modest marker near the Bernstein family plot. Visitors had left mementos on the maestro's headstone.

Leonard Bernstein's headstone

Other notable people at Green-Wood include Jean-Michel Basquiat, Samuel Morse, Theodore Roosevelt, and Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Green-Wood Cemetery happens to be located at the highest point in Brooklyn. There's a clear view down to the water and Manhattan, beyond. The views were quite astonishing, and, I suppose, poetic.

Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn

Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn

City Portraits is an ongoing, once-in-a-while installment featuring parts of New York.

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Hilda said...

It looks like a very peaceful place, and what a grand mausoleum in your first photo! Did you find out which Bernstein it was in the second?

Vinny said...

There are some amazing views of the city from here. I didn't know it was the highest point in Brooklyn, thanks for sharing that fact

Anonymous said...

It DOES look very peaceful.


fishwithoutbicycle said...

This is somewhere I've been meaning to go for years, your post put the idea back into my mind. I need to stop procrastinating ;-)

Lou said...

I've just learned something about NY that i didn't know before- thank you!

Have you thought about selling your photographs because they're so good. Seriously, if i lived in NY, i would go to a gallery or whatever and buy some. :)

dianasfaria.com said...

poor Rupert, I bet he would have loved to stay!
nice photo Kitty.

• Eliane • said...

Ah, Leonard is there. I have never been. Saying that I am dying to go is probably inappropriate but you get the idea.