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Monday, September 7, 2009

Faces in a Crowd

Crowd, MidtownPhoto by myself in Midtown, around 34th Street and Broadway.

In a split second, the crowd of people parted and a bus glided by. On the right, a man's face is actually part of a popular ad for English classes.


It's Labor Day weekend, and it feels as if there are only a handful of New Yorkers left in town. Mark and I found parking space easily on our street, and our restaurant was half empty during dinner.

The nice thing about a long weekend is the short work week afterwards. Woohoo!

In the car
Former New Yorker Ming from Bangor Daily Photo requested more photos of Rupert.

Most of the time, his ears are down and relaxed. Here's an iphone photo of our pup with ears standing straight up, waiting for Mark to return. Rupert is on High Alert anytime one of us departs, even for a moment.

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Olivier said...

j'aime bien cette composition avec les mains devant, voila un cadrage original
I like this composition well with hands in front of, veiled an original framing

Randy said...

Wow, nice shot. I love that face on the bus. It looks as if it was really part of the crowd.

Tiago said...

Rupert has the looks of an english lord!

Victor said...

This is an excellent example of street photography. Well done!

otautahi outrospective (Stacy) said...

Love this 'Faces in a Crowd' photo.