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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting the Goods on Canal Street

Chinatown booth, NYC
Photo by myself in Chinatown on Canal Street.

Boxed brand name perfumes can be found here, as well as jewelry and anything else you can imagine.

On a recent trip I felt the shopkeepers were more aggressive than usual, standing in the middle of the sidewalk and hailing potential customers.


Sorry to say I'm in a little bit of a photography slump.

It happens now and again. Then out of nowhere, the inspiration comes back and everything looks shiny new and hopeful.

The sluggish economy is also getting to me. Of course, I like the extra down time and I'm grateful to still be working (for this moment, at least!). With luck, things will pick up this Fall.

Is business still lagging in your neck of the woods, dear readers?

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otautahi outrospective said...

I am still working but only just (they are likely very soon to stop extending my current contract on a month by month basis as they have been for the past four months)...and there are very VERY few jobs advertised with a sea of contestants for each one. Although I am also grateful to be working, I secretly would like some extra time during each week to wander around and take photos. I started a photo blog (updated daily) centered around the city I live in (Christchurch, New Zealand) about six weeks ago and it has become an obsession... I have spent time in New York and love it. I visit this blog at least once a week and really enjoy your window into the city. You do a great job of capturing the feeling of the city that I came to know. Thank you!

otautahi outrospective

Olivier said...

chinatown, ces mysteres et ces secrets...un superbe quartier vivant de NYC

Kitty said...

Hi Otautahi

Love your photoblog.
I can understand the obsession! I think photoblogs work best when you dig in and take photos every day.

I'm sorry to hear of the job situation. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Don't be surprised...often employers will do anything to keep people on that they like because they feel the economy will turn around soon.

Hi Olivier
ha, true. It's very very lively on that street!

Tiago said...

A wonderful photo! Can you still find the "Pravda" purses there, or all the counterfeit products are gone?

dianasfaria.com said...

it sounds like the vendors are desperate, or maybe they are trying to make the most out of the summer tourists?
Personally I am just using this time to be as creative as possible. what else can we do? I get in slumps too and find that is when I need a break, if that makes any sense?

Ming the Merciless said...

I miss Chinatown! I miss real Chinese food! I miss NYC. :-(

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

I know how you feel. My department has been very busy this year, but the recession meant a hiring freeze so we all worked twice as hard as usual as we feared for our jobs. Now we are hiring again, but we are all burned out and dreaming of winning the lottery.

The long hours took it's toll on my inspiration to write and blog hop. I guess I needed a break, but I am starting to feel the inspiration return. It will come back to you too in time.

Chin up honeybunch,
Fish x

Kitty said...

I haven't heard about the Pravda bags. That's hilarious.

I'd be surprised if there weren't counterfeit booty out there. Call me cynical!

Hi Lily
You're so right. It's the best time to be creative and derive energy and inspiration from within. It's the old spiritual v. material opposition.

I have to wonder what sort of Chinese or Asian fare they have out there in Maine? You ought to schedule monthly trips over here.

Boston is a bit closer to you but much smaller selection!

Thanks Dear Fish!
I'd think it inhuman if we didn't have a reaction to what's going on. It's psychologically tough.

Glad you had time off to recharge. Just a couple days can do you wonders, and heaven knows you deserve it!