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Thursday, October 22, 2009

En Masse, On Canal Street

Canal St, NYC
Photo by myself, somewhere on Canal Street, in Chinatown.

Ah yes, another photo from one of the busiest streets in Manhattan. Usually I avoid this area, because it brings out my inner road rage. Grrr!


Canal Street has to be one of the busiest streets in New York. It offers tee shirts, scarves, decorative license plates, perfumes, hats, jewelry, dvds, and so much more at low prices.

I'm not sure how vendors discount their items. Either they're selling directly from wholesale or they are pirated merchandise.

All I know is that everytime I'm in this area, the sidewalks are packed, mostly with visitors. Who can blame them? It's great to get a good deal!

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Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty.
Why is this area that busy? I have read that it may be considered a tourist trap. Is it?

spandrel studios said...

After walking just a block or two up this street, with all the in-your-face vendors, I need to go someplace quiet and relax!

Lou said...

Great picture again. Love it.

Kitty said...

Hi Washington!

Thanks for asking; I edited the post later. Yes, generally it's a tourist trap, though there are very good restaurants and food markets there!

I'm with you, Spandrel. I can take Canal Street in very small doses.

Thanks Lou!