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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Deck the Halls of the Plaza Hotel

Plaza Hotel Entrance, NYC
Photo by myself inside the Plaza Hotel, at 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.

The interiors of the Plaza Hotel are all ready for the holiday season. A giant Christmas tree is tucked within the curve of a staircase. Presents wrapped in gold paper are piled below.

The Plaza entrance is ornate, even without decorations. You enter on a mezzanine level and look into a two story atrium with a huge chandelier. Curving stairs on each side lead up to the upper floor and below. The hotel desk and waiting area is located on the lower floor.

I can imagine what this building was like when it opened in 1907. People must have stood along the upper level, chatting. Women walked up and down the stairs, their skirts rustling. It must have been the place to be, to watch and be watched.

Plaza Hotel Atrium, NYC
The lower floor of the Plaza is expansive, and draws your eye in with arches and different seating areas.

The Plaza was recently renovated, and re-opened in 2008. Some of the rooms were converted into condos. In 2007, one of the apartments sold for $50 million dollars.

For a view of the exterior, click here.

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NYCDreamin said...

Hi Kitty...
I just discovered your blog a few days ago and have been spending some time checking out your archives - really REALLY great stuff you're doing here. I'm always looking more more great shots of and stories from NYC and I'm surprised I never found you before this. I've put a link to your blog on my list of "Permanent Links" on my own blog - count me as your newest fan. Keep up the great work and Happy Holidays to you!


dianasfaria.com said...

The Christmas tree emphasizes the plaza interior so nicely, perfectly.
Thanks for showing this. I miss the old Plaza Hotel.

Fashion Schlub said...

very grand and pretty! nice shots, kitty!

Susu Paris Chic said...

Now I'd just want to descend the beautiful stairs, wearing my oh-so-lovely, freshly Fifth Avenue shopped evening gown...

Pink accents are in this season. Black is on us so strongly that lil' splashes of color are more than welcome. I challenge you, dear Kitty, to wear a touch of pink this holiday season... So tell me later if you took up the 'défi'!

A Paris kiss!

e said...

I just discovered your blog and have been doing a bit of exploring here. I really love your photos. My folks are from NYC so i think of it as my second home. I'm now living in the Highlands of Scotland so coming here is a real treat for me, to see NYC through your eyes. As it so happens, my folks had their wedding reception at the Plaza...in 1954. Sigh, those were the days. I look forward to coming back for more of the same from you, Kitty. Thanks! Lizzy :)

Kitty said...

Welcome NYCDreamin
Thanks so much. I look forward to checking out your blog!

Thanks Lily
I thought so too. They did a lovely job on the decorations.

Thanks MissB!

Hi Susu
Ha, pink it is. I like the concept of wearing such a spring-like color in the winter. It's refreshing.

Welcome ER
Your parents' reception must have been grand. I cannot imagine pulling up to the hotel as a guest. What an impression?!

The Scottish Highlands sound like a romantic place to live. Mark and I have Scotland high on our list for places to visit!

Macia said...

Whenever I hear or see anything about the Plaza Hotel, the first thing I think of is Eloise. OK I'm a dork, but yeah Eloise, especially at Christmastime is my favorite.

Andrea said...

absolutely stunning!

Cristeen said...

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