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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

On the Mud Truck and Hotel Gramercy Park

Mud Truck, NYC
Photo by myself in Astor Place, around 4th Avenue and 8th Street.

The Mud Truck is a distinctive part of the New York cityscape. Visible from blocks away, usually with a line waiting outside, the Mud Truck serves up coffee in bright orange cups.

There are actually two trucks, typically located in Astor Place and the West Village. Everything about the trucks, from the logo to the name have an anti-establishment vibe.

Mud Truck, NYC


For those who get the Sundance Channel on television, there's a great film playing on December 31st.

The other night, Mark and I watched Hotel Grammercy Park, a documentary about hotelier Ian Schrager's renovation of the historic downtown hotel, which once catered to rock stars. Schrager himself gained notoriety in the 70s when he opened Studio 54.

The movie interviews Schrager, as well as several quirky people who lived in the Hotel before the renovation. Some longtime residents refused to move out during the construction period. One gay couple writes show tunes. An elegant woman collects teddy bears.

Then there's the ill-fated family that originally owned the hotel. One of the descendants grew up in the hotel, and recounts a story of drug addiction and tragedy. There is something about all the characters in this movie that makes them very 'New York'.

Here's the trailer for the movie

Click here for the Sundance page about the film.
Click here to see the review and photos of the hotel by the New York Times.

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bitingmidge said...

Of course the patrons have the anti establishment vibe as well! Great series this.

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

jr222 said...

I love, love their coffee! Also I'm a bit obsessed with orange, so its like a crack head to crack pipe when I see it.

valeria said...

Really nice photos. The girl inside the van looks like a model on a shooting...

Heart Charlie said...

There is nothing too much that I love about Astor Place except for that Mud Truck :)

Kitty said...

Hi Bitingmidge
I agree. I love the people outside the truck. Possibly NYC students, not sure.

Hi Jose
I've never tried their coffee believe it or not. I will next time after reading your rave review!

Hi Valeria
Nice catch. I really like how the interior of the van is lit so you can see her.

Hi Heart Charlie
Ha. It's a bit of a mess, the area. People are always coming and going.

Truck Rental said...

You're walking down there and see this orange mud truck and you think - "Hey, i want to drink some orange-juice..", and they sure have it! nice thing! may those trucks be in every corner in our city :)