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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Glitzy Glam, Outside The Pierre

The Pierre, Upper East Side
Photo by myself near the side entrance of The Pierre, at 61st Street and Fifth Avenue.

A portion of this luxury hotel is comprised of co-op apartments. A number of celebrities have lived at The Pierre, including Elizabeth Taylor, Yves Saint-Laurent and Sumner Redstone.

Supposedly there is a triplex apartment located at the tippy top, which was listed at $70 million in 2006.


Parts of the Upper East Side are decidedly fancy.

Madison Avenue is packed with expensive boutiques. Park Avenue is lined with tall limestone apartment buildings. And of course, Fifth Avenue is also known for its stately buildings, which enjoy an unobscured view of Central Park.

The other day I was walking around the area. A tanned woman hailed me down. Her hair was swept up in a long ponytail, and she wore a thick suede jacket and tall leather boots.

Sensing I was a New Yorker, she asked with a heavy French accent,'Can you tell me...eh....where is a...Bernaise?'

Bernaise...Bernaise...I picked my tiny brain for residual pockets of high school French. Hmmmm....

Shaking my head, I apologized. 'I don't live in the area. Sorry'.

Two seconds later, I ran back. 'Wait!! Do you mean Barneys?!'

Ah yes, Barneys, the fancy pants store for fancy pants people. Their main store is located at 60th Street and Fifth Avenue. What would a day of shopping be without a visit?

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Profile Not Available said...

I will be saying, "Fancy Pants" all day...

I love your beautiful photos, but your posts are so well done and always make me smile!

Brenda's Arizona said...

Your photos always capture my attention, and then I just have to read more. I am glad you write about your photos and the people you see. You describe NYC the way that gets thru my brain. Thank you!

Luis Gomez said...

Wonderful post. And yes, it is very NY. Thanks.

e said...

My folks met at The Pierre. School dance, 1950. Four years later, wedding reception at the Plaza. Those were the days. There's another grand dame i'd love to see again... the Sherry-Netherland. Thanks for another terrific post. Lizzy :)

elsie said...

So proud of you for figuring that out - my very uncouth crowd says Target with a french accent for fun - how fancy pants is THAT?!?!

dianasfaria.com said...

LOL! Kitty, what a funny story!
"...fancy pants" I haven't heard that expression in a long time!
your encounter reminds me of Steve Martin's in the remake of The Pink Panther-it sounds like something he would say.

Laura Cousins said...

Mmm lovely picture. Very bling-bling, daahhhhling :-D

Ken Mac said...

had a few dates here. over the top!