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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sun Salutation, East Village

Sun Salutation in the East Village
Photo by myself in the East Village, around 9th Street and First Avenue.

I happened upon a fellow doing some yoga on the sidewalk, one recent weekend. Arms outstretched, thumbs and forefingers together, he greeted the sun.


Most New Yorkers identify with the man above. I took the photo a few weeks ago.

It has been extremely cold here, with icy, blustery winds. You step outside, immediately yelp in horror, then scuttle to your destination. All everyone can talk about is how cold it is.

In such a fashion-conscious city as New York, dressing for the cold is not easy. The question is, how do you stay warm AND look reasonably good? Don that formless down puffy coat? Strap on a wool cap and risk mussing your hair? Add a micro-layer of long johns to your physique?

I can't claim to have the answer, besides the usual trick of wearing layers. Knee high boots are also a regular item. Some wear fancy leather models with heels, while others wear sporty ones in rubber. The boots keep one's legs toasty and dry, and look good with skirts.

Finally, most New Yorkers have thick skins from living here. Thus we are immune from the cold!

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Olivier said...

superbe attitude ;) apres une bonne sieste

Fredrik said...

I like that adoring-the-sun-pose!
Over here, we don't care about dresscodes. If it's cold you wear thick and illfit clothes. They would laugh at you otherwise.

Laura Cousins said...

What strikes me about that picture is the fact that, being in New York, he won't relinquish his back-pack even when engaged in the extremes of yogic practice. ~giggle~

Luis Gomez said...

Sweet shot.

dianasfaria.com said...

This is so great!

Christchurch Photo Diary said...

Wow, this is a great shot - esp with the row of garbage bags.

irinapictures said...

Great shot! Makes me want to get my yoga carpet.

Ken Mac said...

we strong like bull

Christina said...

Love it. There is something real and gritty about it.

Blackberry Sherbet

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!

Hi Fredrik
ha. I like that style. The fashion-consciousness here is a bit much sometimes, though it's more laid back than it is in LA.

Hi Lozzie
ha, of course! You'd never know who is walking by, ready to nab your backpack!

We are a paranoid bunch.

Thanks Luis!

Thanks Lily!

Hi Christchurch
Funny you should notice. Yes, sometimes the heaps of garbage can be quite depressing. However we do recycle, which is at least something.

Thanks Irina!

Ha Ken. I'm just grateful he didn't see me.

Thanks Christina
We love the East Village for its gritty character. Sometimes it can be a bit of a dump.

James said...

Nice candid shot!