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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Looking Out to Central Park West

Across Central Park
Photo by myself above Central Park.

The park is much prettier when filled in with leaves. Across the way lies the west edge of the park, Central Park West. In the foreground is the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The building with the two towers to the right of center is The San Remo on West 74th Street. I took a photo last winter outside, here.

Two buildings to the left of the San Remo is The Dakota on West 72nd Street, where John Lennon lived. Lennon was shot outside the building in 1980. Here's a photo of the entrance.

It didn't occur to me until now that as an island and with Central Park, New York has several skylines. There are those skylines along the waters edge, and those along this vast park, which spans 50 blocks.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful view. i'd love to be able to see this everyday. ;-)


Washington said...

Hi Kitty! Each skyline of NYC is amazing! You are very lucky to have a wonderfull park such as Central Park.
Yesterday I saw at TV a Brazilian reporter showing how NYC have changed in terms of weather in 3 weeks only. Spring must a wonderful time in New York.
Have a nice Sunday!

lewi14@gmail.com said...

It's a wonderful view, indeed. Very impressive and very NY.

Robert said...

Great picture! What building are you standing on? I can't wait to see CP in spring/summer!

dianasfaria.com said...

that is what is so cool about photographing your surroundings, I think it makes one so much more aware of well, everything.
This is a great shot Kitty!

Fredrik said...

I could stare at that skyline for an entire day I think.