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Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Day, Outside Trinity Church

Outside Trinity Church, NYC
Photo by myself outside Trinity Church, at Broadway and Rector Street.

It's been rainy and grey here for the last several days, which is typical for Spring.

Above, the first Trinity Church was built in this spot in 1698. The current building was constructed in 1846. Alexander Hamilton is buried outside in the cemetery.

The church provides a sense of openness; all around it are buildings over 10 stories high. It's a visual relief to see a spot of green amongst the asphalt and concrete.

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Olivier said...

Un samedi sous la pluie, belle photo et atmosphère...

Pat said...

Very nice composition and colors to match the rain...

Ken said...

Love the dark contrasts here and the brief history. Nice job!

Washington said...

Hi Kitty. Seems to be a nice church. Do you have any pictures indoors?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo... :)

Anonymous said...

Same here.
It's been pretty gloomy.
And it's going to stay like this till this weekend...

Spring has yet to come.

Lou said...

Brilliant photo as usual, Kitty. It's actually quite spooky...the rain and darkness and the gothic-ness of the church and graveyard just adds to the overall gloomy effect. :)

jolie jamie said...

Hi Kitty! I just stumbled upon your blog when I was googling homeless people in herald square.
I LOVE IT! Come visit mine and I see we have lots in common! Taking interesting photos in NYC
I'll be visiting again.


Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier!

Hi Bibi
Thanks so much. Yes, I'm glad someone walked by with a blue umbrella...it's all too common to have black ones.

Thanks Ken!

Hi Washington
It's truly a wonderful church. I hope you visit on your upcoming trip.

I didn't go inside this time...next time I will have to!

Thanks so much M!

Hello 1ondoncalling
Ah...I thought of London during these wet days. Hope it's a bit better for you this weekend.

Thanks Lou!
So true, and I like the gloominess of this building! But the daily rain I can do without.

I have to wonder whether the medieval folks thought their buildings were gloomy at all?

Thanks Jolie
Always good to meet another NY photographer!