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Friday, April 16, 2010

City Portraits - The Williamburgh Bank, Brooklyn

Flea Market, Brooklyn
Photo by myself at the Brooklyn Flea Market, at One Hanson Place.

This past weekend Mark and I visited the Brooklyn Flea Market at the Williamsburgh Bank Building.

The Williamsburgh Bank is the tallest building in Brooklyn. You can see the building from just about everywhere. The exterior was recently restored, and the upper floors converted into fancy condo apartments. The interiors on the first floor are just incredible.

Flea Market, Brooklyn

Flea Market, Brooklyn
Light streams through one of the large windows on the mezzanine level.

Flea Market, Brooklyn
A starry mosaic covers the arched ceiling of the lobby. Note the delicate iron work in the background.

Flea Market, Brooklyn

Many of the original elements are still in the lobby, including tellers windows, light fixtures and the vault door.

Vendors were selling quality vintage clothing, art and furniture. Outside in the parking lot, you can get a host of different foods. There was a roaring pizza oven (!), handmade chocolate and ice cream.

Mark oogled at some of the vintage lamps offered, while I was just astounded by the building. Fortunately for us all, the Brooklyn Flea Market is open every weekend.

For the Brooklyn Flea website, click here.
The Williamsburgh Bank building is located just steps away from the Atlantic/Pacific subway stop in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

City Portraits is an ongoing, once-in-a-while installment featuring parts of New York.

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Joanne said...

How fantastic, what a magnificient building!I musn't forget about this market when I next go over to New York.

Frank de Jol said...

Magnificent set and description.
In particular, I love the first photo, looks like a Renaissance painting.

Fashion Schlub said...

small world, I'm planning to go there Sunday! LOVE the third photo - the light in the space is incredible...

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

WOW ... such breathtaking architecture!

dianasfaria.com said...

What a beautiful building.
I'll have to check this place out. Thanks Kitty.

Robert said...

Is it always like that inside? I mean the market inside with all the stuff. The building looks awesome from the inside, stunning!

Leif Hagen said...

What a phenomenal building! Looks like a fun spot to dig around for "treasures." If I weren't so polite and shy, I'd ask who Mark is.
Bon weekend, Kitty

Ken Mac said...

when a bank employed honest men and woman not looking to grease their palms and ripoff joe public!!

Louis la Vache said...

Very interesting - too bad (in some respects) that it isn't still used as a bank. So much more beautiful than the fluorescent light/vinyl tile banks of today.

valeria said...

What a stunning building for a flea market! I'd spend hours browsing about. Did you buy? Any good bargain?

Brooklyn injury lawyer said...

A great flea market event. The Bank's architecture is wonderful as well.