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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Passing By, in Sunset Park

Sunset Park, Chinatown
Photo by myself in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Sunset Park is the equivalent of Chinatown in Brooklyn. Stores and restaurants are crowded around Eighth Avenue, since the word 'eight' in Mandarin sounds similar to the word meaning 'good fortune'.

As in Chinatown in Manhattan, many storefronts open directly to the street. This makes walking down the sidewalk slow, as people cannot help but look into each store.

I took this photo last year and it's one of my favorites. The blue light of the tv contrasts nicely with the store interior.

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Robert said...

Haha, cute and cheep stores, nyc is full of these. Always good to get a small snack or bottled soda!

Louis la Vache said...

Indeed, a fine photo, Kitty. How typical of a Chinese shop - the goods on display near the door. This seems to be a universal characteristic of Chinese shops.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Great shot, Kitty. And I love the Chinese community's reason for choosing Eighth Avenue!

elsie said...

i know there's probably nothing in there that I want but I often find myself wandering into stores like that.. great shot!!sitir

Pat said...

I'm not familiar with Sunset Park, but must check it out on my next visit. Nice, neat store!