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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Community Garden, on 7th Street

Plaza Cultural, East Village
Photo by myself at 9th Street and Avenue C.

La Plaza Cultural is a community garden and open air performance space in Alphabet City. It's been there since 1976, when this neighborhood was very, very sketchy.

This is just one of many community gardens in this neighborhood. Some are tiny, others substantial, with seating and shady areas.

Members pay a $25 annual fee to share garden plots. Easter Egg hunts, birthday parties, weddings and performances are held here during the nice months.

If you're a tin can or an odd whirlygig in this area, beware! You might just end up on top of this fence.

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Fashion Schlub said...

Now *that* is a charming community garden!

Olivier said...

j'aime beaucoup les jardins communautaires ds NYC. Chaque année, je passe au "Garden Of The Church Of St Luke" dans Greenwich village.

rb said...

That is wonderful. Rather like the London squares but not so exclusive.

Have you been to London? You'd love the squares and mews and all the hidden little courtyards. That's what I do when I go to London - prowl around all the little back streets and find hidden quiet spots. everyone else heads off to events but I prefer to prowl. I think you'd be happy doing that too! Except I'd get fed up with you because you would stop every 5 seconds to take a photo!!!

VH McKenzie said...

Pretty shot -- glad there are still some of these left in the EV.

Robert said...

Haha, this looks really funny!

biebkriebels said...

In 2007 I was in a garden in 6th Street and Avenue B. I saw it at passing by and I sat down a while with my partner and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere in a big city.

Kitty said...

Hi Miss B
I think you'd love the place. It's cool!

Hi Olivier
I'll have to visit that garden. I have to say there are many more gardens on the East Side for whatever reason. Very few community gardens in Greenwich Village.

Haha RB!!
I truly love London. Aren't you a lucky duck for living nearby? Jealous!!

Oh Mark just tolerates me with my ridiculous stop and go. You cannot imagine!

Thanks VH!
Yes, I think these gardens are here to stay. They are so ingrained within the culture of the neighborhood at this point, which is very community-oriented.

Thanks Robert!

Hi Biebkriebels
That sounds like a wonderfully romantic time. So glad you had a chance to experience the calmer parts of this place!

Lou said...

It's cool and kinda creepy all at once! I love it. Great pic. :)

Ken Mac said...

oohhh. Very nicely done. You've captured the colors and the decay

Pat said...

This is so cute. There were many of these gardens here across the street for me in an empty field, which is now home to Hyundai, a home appliance store, and an Expo Center....ain't the same.

Ann Flower said...

Very Beautiful. A walk around your garden could get you into a very nice frame of mind!

nicolem said...

I love this community garden, and find it very interesting and unique these gardens look. About two weeks ago, I took a trip to Alphabet City with some people from my Urban Studies Class, and my tour guide explained to us how all the members of the community can come to this garden and express themselves through different beautiful ways. I did not even know community gardens existed until I was informed by my guide. I think this brings a different look to the city and shows that even urban places have nature. If you could please check out my blog, http://sohoflaneurs.blogspot.com/, we discuss different urban places and how it makes the city the beautiful place that it is. Thanks!

Cesc Sales said...

I love the calm in this place and the east village kids coop!! Magnificent

Unknown said...

A very strong and tall standing garden. I know for fact its been standing for a couple decades now, very happy to see its still alive and well!

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