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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New York's Finest, on the Hudson River

NYPD boat
Photo by myself in Battery Park, along the Hudson River.

I'm not sure what was being discussed among the above fellows.

The weather? How many drug busts had taken place that morning? Dead body count? The latest Nicks game?

Good to know that our waters are being patrolled as often as our streets and subways.


Ever wonder what happens to all the merchandise seized by the NYPD?

Rolex watches, cars, jewelry, electronics...you name it, are auctioned off to the public online, at propertyroom.com.

I have to say that getting jewelry or other valuables at this site is better than shopping on ebay, for example. On the Property Room site, you know the goods are real, since they've been verified by authorities.

In case you're wondering, there is photographic equipment up for grabs, too. Lenses, SLRs and digital cameras are available, though many items are untested and are sold 'as is'.

Last but not least, winners get bragging rights that their goods were 'hot'!

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Olivier said...

En parlant de fausse Rolex, une fois juste devant la boutique Rolex, il y avait un marchand ambulant qui vendait de fausses Rolex ;o)

Luis Gomez said...

Love this shot.

Lissa said...

perhaps they are discussing why their photo is being taken?

you always have such great facts about new york, thanks for sharing

Newyorka said...

Nice picture :D

dianasfaria.com said...

If I was a cop, this is how I would like to patrol.
thanks for the interesting link Kitty.

Ken Mac said...

i think he wants to join

Pat said...

I'm about to check out that site...we have a river police here, who occasionally find a body or two, or prevent people from jumping off a bridge...

Laura Cousins said...

Awww man you're making me miss Detectives Goren and Eames *sniff*