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Saturday, April 3, 2010

On Line for the Ferry, at Pier 11

The line for the ferry to NJ
Photo by myself at Pier 11, near Wall Street.

Believe it or not, the above photo shows the tremendous line of people waiting for the ferry. Each day, hundreds of commuters travel on the NY Waterway ferries from parts of New Jersey to Wall Street.

You can also catch a ferry from midtown at West 39th Street or from the World Financial Center, which is also downtown. Depending on the time of day, ferries depart every ten to thirty minutes. Fares vary depending on distance.

I have yet to take one of these ferries. Like many New Yorkers, I took the Staten Island Ferry just to enjoy the water ride, taking the return trip immediately. By the way, the Staten Island Ferry is free of charge!

Click here for the NY Waterway Ferry site.
Click here for the Staten Island Ferry site.

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Laura Cousins said...

During a public transport strike in Central London a while ago now, I caught a river-ferry from Greenwich to Waterloo Bridge in order to get to work. It was far far and away the most pleasant commute I had ever had. It was swift, comfortable and simple.

There's one school of thought that the best way to see any city or town is from the waterways that flow through it. The waterways around Manhattan are pretty darned big though, aren't they ..? You'd need a mighty lens.

Fashion Schlub said...

FREE?!? Wow, ya don't see THAT much :-) Thanks for the tip - will add it to the list of Things to Do!

dianasfaria.com said...

I've never taken the Ferry! I really must do that.
Judging by the line maybe I can go when it's not rush hour.
Is there an off time to go?

Michael Valčić said...

Wow, I had no idea the SI ferry was free. I guess that gives me something to when the weather is nice. =)

Lati.Ms said...

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Sophie said...

I adore the Staten Island ferry!

There's a great botanical garden if you get off at Staten Island and take a bus around the corner. Beautiful Chinese gardens and rolling lawns with lakes and flowers. Absolutely stunning! I had a picnic there last summer with my man. Such a joy.

Love your pictorial explorations of NYC.