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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Daily Madness, Outside Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden, NYC
Photo by myself outside Madison Square Garden, at 34th Street and 7th Avenue.

Crowds and crowds of people swarm down 7th Avenue each day at rush hour. Both sides of the street are packed with bodies trying to get home.

Penn Station, a major station for trains and the subway, is located next to Madison Square Garden, a major performance center. Both are hideously ugly buildings. Seriously.

Crowds of people assemble every night for events at The Garden, while crowds of people commute to New Jersey, Philadelphia and other parts of New York.

Behind the temporary barricade in the middle distance, you can see a long line of people waiting for taxis. Taxi queues are used only in these high traffic areas. Usually people hail cabs anywhere along the street.

This area is not a good place for baby strollers, rolling luggage, bicycles, the elderly, anyone handicapped, anyone sauntering about enjoying the view, claustrophobes and small animals.

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Laura Cousins said...

This reminds me so strongly of London - the area around Leicester Square and Oxford Street. I used to be up there quite a lot when I was younger. Now I am a crusty old mother-of-two languishing somewhere in her mid-forties, crowds no longer seem exciting to me. They just bug me - or worse, scare me.

But looking at photos of crowds of people is fine ... just fine. I adore all the colours in this one. That mad flash of a taxi in the background. Blink, and you miss it.

Washington said...

Hi Kitty. The Madison Square Garden is really an ugly building? What a pitty! This is one of the places I was trying to find an event to attend (I have found out that July is not the best month for concerts in NYC).

Kitty said...

Hi Lozzie!
Ooh, I miss London. I remember Oxford Street quite clearly. What a place! I would love to go back soon.

I don't like crowds at all, but brave them on occasion. They are good for picture taking and not much else, lol. It continually surprise me how many NYers dislike crowds, yet here we are.

So glad you enjoyed the colors here!

Hi Washington
Yes, both buildings are quite ugly and modern, a real shame. The interior of Madison Sq Garden is what it is - a giant space for performances and sports events.

I'm surprised by the lack of concerts on July. You will certainly need to go to the outdoor concerts in Central Park and the other parks, which are free. Classical groups like the NY Philharmonic play, as well as contemporary bands.

The excellent Shakespeare in the Park performs all summer, too, which is also free. You must get tickets the day of the performance, which is not always easy. Demand is high.

Monday nights, there are free movies in Bryant Park. Bring a picnic and blanket and go a bit early to save a spot.

I'm sure I mentioned these to you, if not, my HUGE apologies. The summer months are certainly the best for free events in NYC.

Joanne said...

Yes! how I love your people shots! I am now here in Japan... having a break and people watching it is great to people watch,especially in a new country!
My shot of the Cheetah was taken from a jeep really close by to them that is why I love being in Mala Mala...

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Kitty, love the street scenes with all of the New York icons such as taxis whizzing by. Makes me feel as if I'm there (walking fast ... I promise I won't dawdle!)

jolie jamie said...

I love you blog! I just looked through all your "east village" labeled posts (because it's my most favorite neighborhood!) and you make the places I see everyday so special.
Can't wait to contiune to see what you post everyday! Thanks for stopping by joliejamie, and for the nice comments. Come back soon!


valeria said...

Interesting post, in case I'll ever make it to NY!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ugh, I hate Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. I cannot wait for them to transform the James Farley post office into the new station, Penn is such a monstrosity!!

Laura Cousins said...

If you ever do come back to London, let me know: I'll pop up there on the train and buy you a pint :-D Or a cup of tea, if that is more to your liking!

Lori said...

Our month in the city had us a mere four blocks south of this area you've described. After a couple of weeks, while walking home through this area (sans stroller, thank god), I would find myself looking at the long line of people waiting for a taxi and think, "suckas. i live around the corner."

Kitty said...

Joanne, your travels are quite incredible. What stories you must have! I wish I could travel more extensively.

Ha Sandy
Good for everyone that NYers are not often physically pushy when it comes to walking. I can understand slow walkers...there is a lot to take in.

Hi Jolie
Mark and I have a special fondness for the East Village. Part of it is that it's much easier to park there than anywhere else. The other part is that it's much less 'developed' with chain stores. You're lucky to live there!

Thanks Valeria!

Hi Fish
I think most NYers agree with you. The Farley Building is a gorgeous historic building, too. Who wouldn't prefer it over Penn Station?

Lozzie, that would be so nice. I just may take you up on your offer! I would love to see London soon. It is so grand and beautiful.

Ha Ted and Lori
You also probably stayed on a high floor here. I can't imagine living close to the sidewalk. Yuck!

I agree, too...a stroller in these parts are dangerous. Poor Abe would be trampled!