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Monday, April 26, 2010

On Visiting New Yorkers, in the Flesh and Online

Music in Madison Square Park, NYC
Photo by myself in Madison Square Park, at 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue.

A musical ensemble charmed onlookers with their pop songs. Just about everyone was walking around outside, enjoying the Spring weather.

A woman smiled after giving the group a tip.


Speaking of walking around, there are two very different ways to visit New Yorkers.

If you're in town this summer, Brooklyn opens its doors to lovers of historic architecture.

The Brooklyn House Tour showcases homes each week in various Brooklyn neighborhoods. You can walk through privately owned brownstones in Fort Greene, mansions in Brooklyn Heights and gardens in Clinton Hill.

Tickets are between $20 and $40. For more info, click here.

If you're not in town, join virtual tours of New York apartments at Time Out New York.

In a section dedicated to apartment living, you can visit studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments and their Manhattan and Brooklyn residents. It's real up close and personal.

I think I enjoyed the smaller apartments the most, since it's tough to squeeze variety out of a few rooms. Each photo essay is wonderfully staged, and includes a source list if you like anything you see.

For the virtual apartment tours, click here.

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Olivier said...

beau b&w de ce groupe de musique. Et bonne idée pour découvrir, cette visite des appartements ;)

Leif Hagen said...

Kitty, did you join them in singing the refrain?!

Washington said...

Hi Kitty. Wow! There is so much to do in NYC that 15 days won't be enough. Great picture by the way!

Fashion Schlub said...

ooh, thanks so much for the Brooklyn House Tour link! I didn't know! I used to go to tons of home and garden tours...miss those days...would be fun to do some in Brooklyn...

Monica said...

I love this picture. Just found your blog. Hooked. Will come back.