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Saturday, May 8, 2010

On Collecting Cans and a Rupert Update

Can Collector, 26th Street
Photo by myself in Chelsea, around 26th Street and Sixth Avenue.

You can make money from collecting aluminum cans on recycling day. At 5 cents each, I imagine this fellow did all right. A shopping cart with cans is not an uncommon sight.

Most New Yorkers do not return their cans to collect their nickels. Most supermarkets do not accept cans for return, and it's just too much to carry even more stuff when you're walking around without a car.


I realize I haven't posted a photo of Rupert in ages. The last one was from the winter, when there was snow on the ground.

Panting after playing
After a good time playing, Rupert takes a break. (Pardon his muzzle, he needs a shave!)

Here he is after a good morning of playing. It was a humid last weekend, and he was pooped. His favorite outside toy is a big orange ball with feet.

My fiance Mark has been away for work for two weeks, now. Rupert has adjusted well, though sometimes he'll see someone with a similar silhouette and stop in his tracks. I've been running home everyday after work to feed Rupert dinner; caring for him has been more consuming.

Animals adjust so brilliantly to their situations. I am certain there will be much jumping and going nuts when Mark finally returns in a few days (and I mean both the dog and me!).

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rb said...

Aww I can just imagine how much my sons would enjoy playing with Rupert. He really is adorable.

I hadn't realised you were engaged. Did I miss that or has that been the case for ages? Congratulations anyway!

When my friend's son, Tim was trapped in Ireland because of the volcanic ash, apparently Tim's dog lay outside the bedroom door every night and just whined. I guess the dog thought Tim was gone for good.

Sarah said...

Your Rupert is so cute. We have three dog in our garden. Jacky, Jilly and Rex.
Your blog is on my blog roll since many time ago. I am Architect, too!

Regards from Mashhad- Iran

Kat said...

Rupert is such a hanny man (handsome man)and really toot (cute)
kat in fl

Anonymous said...

Impressive photography - must have taken him ages to collect all this. Over here there are cars driving through the streets, asking for old metal and alike.

What a nice picture, introducing summer. Please have you all a nice Sunday.

daily athens

Kitty said...

Hi RB!
Mark and I have been engaged for several months now. I hadn't written about it here...yet. Not sure on the date for a wedding. I'm kind of dreading all the preparation!

Rupert LOVES children. He is so great with them. Not sure if all Boston Terriers are like that.

I think if the dog's routine is kept intact, they function as if everything is normal. What a touching story about your friend's dog?

Hi Sarah
How great to meet another architect! I would love to see what work you do in Iran.

Ha, thanks Kat!

Thanks ρομπερτ
I imagine that fellow collects that many cans each recycling day. It's possible, especially with some of the larger apartment buildings.

rb said...

Oh that's wonderful. Big congratulations to you both. You don't have to have a big fussy wedding unless you want to - sometimes the small simple ones are nicest?

So happy for you both! Well, and Rupert too! Perhaps he'll be a Page Boy!?

Dan J. said...

Absolutely love the picture of Rupert. A great smile on a happy dog !

Joanne said...

Rupert:):):) he is so gorgeous, I was wondering where he was!

Ming the Merciless said...

Congratulations on the engagement.

Rupert is a cutie. Am thinking/considering getting a pet now that I have space for one. But I don't have anyone to look after him/her/it when I go on vacation. :(

When the summer vacation starts, I plan to volunteer at the local ASPCA shelter and see how well I adapt to doggie life.