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Friday, May 7, 2010

Open Spaces, in Chelsea

Flea Market, Chelsea
Photo by myself in Chelsea, around 26th Street and 7th Avenue.

Unlike the urban sprawl of some cities, New York is an island with limited space. Every square foot has the potential to be something.

Empty lots, the few that exist, are often used for parking. And not just parking, but cars piled on top of one another, in large steel parking contraptions.

Some open lots have been taken over by the city and turned into community gardens. Others host flea markets. The one above is almost non-existent, but there are other decently sized markets in Chelsea, the Upper West Side and Soho.

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Olivier said...

j'avais ete surpris a mon dernier voyage de voir de + en + de petits marchés s'ouvrir, c'est bien

Anonymous said...

What a friendly, nearly poetic discribtion of the city.

daily athens

Anonymous said...

To find a small space and put up a business quick so you don't have to pay taxes or get a permit but be a challenge for those trying to make ends meet.

I can't even imagine what it must be like to live in such a large city. I am not able to even guess at the pile of garbage the city makes each and every day. And where does all that human waste go that is flushed down the toilets? I know the water must come from the Hudson River but am not sure of that. Are you fascinated by living in the large city?

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
Yes, happening upon such markets is surprising. Unlike buildings, you can't see them from far away. I'm glad you saw some during your last trip.

Thanks ρομπερτ!

Hi A-choo
I have to wonder whether these fellows need a permit. Hm. People need permits for just about everything in the city, so I wouldn't be surprised.

I admit that I love living here. There is never, ever a dull moment. Always something going on, good and bad.

It's incredible that this city manages to function. Please note that such dense cities are more environmentally beneficial than suburban sprawl.

Very few people have cars. We exercise daily during our commute. Sometimes the noise drives me crazy, but all in all, it's a good place to live.

Ken Mac said...

good B&W

Pat said...

No matter their size, I sm drawn to flea markets like a moth to a flame...or a flea to a dog. I like your bw. I would be in it, if in NYC!