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Saturday, July 31, 2010

From the Rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Big Bambu, the Met
Photo by myself at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A nest made purely of bamboo has invaded the roof of the Met.

Now until the end of October, this sculpture is on display overlooking Central Park. It is inhabitable, too - stairways and ramps are constructed within the 100-foot length, where visitors can go for guided tours.

The sculpture is made of interlocking bamboo poles lashed together with elasticized nylon, and was conceived as a work in progress. Its form will morph over the course of the installation and spread east. The sheltered space underneath is used for people to mill about or stand on line for drinks.

Big Bambu
Below the sculpture, small groups of people convene in the shade.

Big Bambu, the Met
Stairs and ramps are built into the structure.

Big Bambu, the Met
The sculpture looks like a bird's nest from the outside.

Big Bambu
Lights are discretely strung up for nighttime illumination.

The roof of the Met is a popular spot for drinks on Fridays, since it is open until 9 pm. The view is incredibly romantic, since you can see the sun setting and the expanse of Central Park.

While waiting in line at the bar, I noticed people hanging onto the poles. Bamboo is known for its remarkable strength, and is routinely used in tropical countries as scaffolding material. Despite its chaotic form and height, the sculpture seems in no danger of collapse.

The wonderful thing about this sculpture are the spaces it creates. I have seen this installation from afar, and it doesn't look like much, just a heap of sticks. Up close and within, it's a different story.

Thankfully, the designers left the gorgeous view of the Park unobstructed.

Met View
The spectacular view southward through Central Park.

For more about the exhibit, visit the Met website here.

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Ken Mac said...

wow, i heard about this but couldn't make it over. How long does it run?

My river shot is right at Hudson river park, near pier 40.

I found a blog where the person names New York Portraits as a place she loves to visit and dream. Will send link

Kitty said...

Hi Ken
You're in luck, it runs til October 31. I highly recommend this venue, except that drinks are very expensive!

Would love to see the blog you mention!

RedPat said...

Love it. It would be wonderful to be up there early in the a.m. to se the sun rise and all the shadows changing. Super shots.

dianasfaria.com said...

I just wrote a friend about this yesterday!
I loved seeing this the last time I was at The Met but I have to go back again since I wasn't wearing proper shoes in order to do the tour.
Did you get to take the tour Kitty?

fishwithoutbicycle said...

This is so cool I love it. I've been meaning to go up and see it in person, you've inspired me to make that a reality Kitty. Hope you are having a great weekend.

chickenunderwear said...

I just showed you pictures to my 10 year old son. He wants to go. Thanks

Nick said...

Fascinating sculpture, really does give a bird’s eye view of the park, I would like to come over and see it along with all the other great galleries in NY.

Ken said...

kitty, thanks for sharing.. This is why I need to vist NYC in the future.. I miss it.

Anonymous said...

I pass by on the bus but have never visited this rooftop.


Michael Valčić said...

Interesting structure. The view must be nice from up there.

chickenunderwear said...

We went, thanks to you.


CaT said...

stumbled upon ur blog. very nice pics! and thanks, this reminded me that I want to go and see it!

scott davidson said...

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