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Friday, August 6, 2010

Gone Swimmin', in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Wet Dog
Photo by myself, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

After a cat on leash, here's a dog in a pond.

Thursday was insanely hot and humid. Our pup Rupert enjoys a good swim in (smelly) pond water.

In fact, 'swimmin' is a word he understands. He also knows 'carrot', 'chicken', 'outside', 'friend' and 'wanna'. The last word is used in sentences like 'You wanna chicken treat?' and 'You wanna go swimmin'??!'

Rupert did not take to swimmin' easily. He doesn't have much fur or fat to buoy himself up, so he stays in the shallows while other dogs romp and doggy paddle.

Yes, I know it's lazy to post a photo of one's dog when one can't find a suitable photo to post. But how could I resist such a face?

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Marcia said...

Danni, my Pinneranian loves to be sprayed with the hose and will beg the neighbor to do it when she waters he flowers. As for running my backyard has a perfect oval etched into the pitiful lawn where Danni runs laps every day.

Danni knows, carrot, cookie, baby(her doll), kitty, sit and paw.

Kitty said...

ha, Marcia. That must be cute, with Danni running around!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

How cute, although I have to ask...how reluctant was he to get clean afterwards? We used to have a chocolate lab that had no qualms about water when it was a dirty old river or canal, but try and give him a bath...he wasn't having any of it and it's not easy forcing 70lbs of dog to take a bath. I hope Rupert is better behaved ;-)

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

What a cute shot, Kitty. And after your recent loss of Dida, you're totally entitled to share a pet pic here.

elsie said...

Lazy?!? That photo is genius, his expression looks like someone just said, "wanna...?"

RedPat said...

Nothing better than a shot of a cute, happy dog!

Joanne said...

I love seeing rupert! He is really cute:))

Catz said...

Miss Lucy can swim for hours! This is a great picture of Rupert! It is very hard to photography dogs and get it right. You got it right!

Banjo52 said...

I agree. No need for apology here--you've caught him just right.