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Friday, August 27, 2010

An Update on NYC and Rupert

Lincoln Center, NYC
Photo by myself at Lincoln Center, at 63rd Street and Broadway.

I thought I'd break up the photos from Japan with a photo from New York. Here's Lincoln Center on an incredibly sunny day recently. The large plaza is a popular hang out area at all hours.

The fountain is part of the recent renovation, where large parts of this complex has been completely redone for the better.

For a photo from a visit last winter and more about the Lincoln Square fountain, click here.


While we're gone, we're missing our dog Rupert. He is being cared for by our excellent dog carers, Eva's Play Pups, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Eva's takes Rupert for the day when Mark isn't working at home. For longer stays like this one, Eva takes the dogs to a 52-acre farm in Pennsylvania, where they play outside in the country air. Mark and I have been checking on Rupert via video. We were worried but were quickly reassured that he's having a grand time with his buddies.

For a sneak peek at Rupert causing mischief with his friends, click here.

Smiling Boston Terrier

New York Portraits is on vacation in various parts of Japan. I'll be returning to NYC on August 31.

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Carlos Ribeiro said...

Hello from Brazil. Someday I will celebrate Christmas in NY. Congratulations on your blog! Visit ever! Goodbye.

RedPat said...

Loved the Rupert video - what a great idea. i always missed my Ginger dog so much when on holidays. It looks like you are all having a great time!

Randy said...

Nice photo of the Met, like Carlos I hope to visit there one day.

Hilda said...

Somehow, I get the idea that it was built in the 1950s or 60s — which I usually am not crazy about. But this one's quite handsome.

A farm sounds fabulous for a dog to run around. I'm sure Rupert's having a grand time, and I hope you are too! I've only been to Tokyo, but I love it!

dianasfaria.com said...

wow! this sounds like the ideal solution for when you are away!
I am so psyched for Rupert, and yes he does look totally happy.