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Friday, September 17, 2010

On a Glorious Moment and the Recent Storm

Preacher, Union Square
Photo by myself in Union Square.

A preacher shared a moment during a sermon in Union Square, the other day.


Not much to say here, except that New York City and its boroughs was bombarded by tornado-like winds, Thursday afternoon.

Fortunately, I was below ground, in the subway. When I came up, the streets were dusted with branches and leaves. My fiance Mark was trapped in the car for several minutes, unable to see anything ahead of him but the tail lights of the next car.

For some incredible photos of the storm, check out these photos on the Times website. Readers sent in photos of dramatic skies, uprooted trees, crushed cars and other havoc.

Be warned, some of the photos of uprooted trees are heartbreaking. Thousands of trees were said to be killed, some as much as 250 years old. The winds reached up to 135 miles per hour and swept through Brooklyn and Queens.

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Olivier said...

bien vu le portrait et les photos de la tempête sur NYC sont impressionnantes, j'espere que tu n'as pas eut trop de degats

Im Zweiten Stock said...

I have heard of the sudden storm in New York here in the german news. When Nature reports with so much force does it feel for a human being always small and weak.
Ps. I love your blog.

RedPat said...

I heard about the storm on the news and thought of you - glad you are okay.

Ken Mac said...

think she cut off the he/she on the right....wait a minute!

dianasfaria.com said...

nice one Kitty!
I heard there actually was a tornado in Brooklyn so I'm glad to hear you are safe.
I also heard Penn Station was shut down during rush hour - what a headache.

Laura Cousins said...

That's just horrifying.

Sharon Strock said...

It's quite scary, indeed. It's hard to expect how strong Mother Nature can be. A storm, even if it comes and goes away quickly, can be destructive if a place is left unprepared to face it.