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Thursday, September 16, 2010

On Chess and the New Yorker Festival

The game
Photo by myself in Union Square.

A serious game of chess drew a small crowd, Wednesday afternoon. I found myself among the onlookers.

We had gorgeous weather. Just about everyone was outside.


By the way, tickets are still available for The New Yorker Festival, taking place this year October 1st - 3rd.

The annual festival features interviews with artists, writers and performers by New Yorker Staff. There are also panels of writers and thinkers discussing topics such as climate change and gay marriage.

This year, Yo-Yo Ma, Alec Baldwin and Werner Herzog are speaking, among others. Mark and I were going to attend an evening with The Moth, but tickets were sold out almost instantly.

For those of you who don't know, at the Moth readings, people tell real stories without notes. The stories are often poignant, funny and unbelievable, (often all the above). Check out their website and free podcast here.

Check out the New Yorker Festival schedule here.

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Olivier said...

le fant├┤me de Fisher hante ce festival. belle photo b&w

Luis Gomez said...

Looks truly intense.

dianasfaria.com said...

The Moth definitely seems like it would be an amazing experience!
I want to go!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Oh I love The Moth, I haven't been in a while. Thanks for the tip on the festival. The Dumbo Arts Festival is next weekend, it's one of my faves. Do you go Kitty?

Kitty said...

Thanks Olivier
I must say Bobby Fischer intrigues me. He must have been 10x as serious as these fellows!

Thanks Luis!
Yes they were, and on a gorgeous day, at that.

Hi Lily
I'm sure they will podcast the event, especially the Moth stories. It is really one of my favorite things to listen to during the day!

Hi Fish
Well, the more esoteric talks are left, but I'm certain they're all good, the way New Yorker Festival things are.

I haven't heard of the Dumbo Arts festival and will have to check it out. Sadly we'll be off to Boston for the weekend but I love hearing about these arts things. Thanks dear!

Ken Mac said...

hips as leading lines. nice

Sharon Creech said...

Reminds me of similar scenes in Europe. . .nicely captured.

Emergency Locksmith said...

Chess is the most enjoyable and favourite game of mine. I also like to play chess very much and in fact I have participated in few chess competition as well. I am glad to know about New Yorker Festival.

Laura Cousins said...

That's another wonderful image Kitty.

We are about to hold our first MothUp evening, here in our house, tomorrow. They have a TorontoMoth and a LondonMoth

I live in Bournemouth (pronounced: Born-muth) so naturally, we're calling it the BourneMoth!