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Monday, September 13, 2010

On Rainy Days and Some Personal Reflection

Bryant Park, after a rain
Photo by myself in Bryant Park, at 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue.

The NY Parks Department does its job well, especially at the Bryant Park. Not only are the flowers and landscaping superb, but the lawn is well tended. Humans are prohibited after any major rainfall.

The lawn is wonderfully thick and green, with few brown patches. You wouldn't know that during the summer months, hundreds of people sit and lie out here daily.


All right, the following is a bit about me. Apologies, but you've been warned!

It rained steadily on Sunday. A cold, drippy rain, that postponed the mens' final game of the US Open and kept Mark and I stuck inside all day.

We were bored, and sat glumly on the sofa. We had grand plans about spending an entire afternoon walking downtown, taking photos. Drat.

Since returning from vacation, getting back into my routine has been super tough. One day I was walking around, taking photos constantly, immersed in a new city. Then I came home and photography has been reduced to a moment here and there.

As my lawyer brother would say, 'Okay then Kitty, what is the POINT'?! (He is a very practical person, bless him).

I guess my point is...for every major change, there is adjustment. It rains, you close the lawn, the soil dries out and the grass becomes hardier. Just so, you go away, you return to 'normality' and start seeing your 'normal' life a little differently.

I'm not sure where this is headed. Quite possibly nowhere...but metaphorically, the lawn is closed.

No worries, daily posts will continue here as usual. I just need some time for repair.

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Olivier said...

tu peux faire aussi de belles photos sous la pluie. (et puis toujours aussi beau le Bryant ;o)) )

Carly said...

Vacations are wonderful precisely because we are escaping our normal routines and spending abundant time doing what we love. They ALWAYS end too soon and with a dip in joy...

And the 11th seemed very difficult this year, at least for me, because here upstate it was the same beautiful blue sky and there were so many news stories full of conflict and ugliness.

Hang in there.

Joanne said...

Now, how civilised is that! :)

Luis Gomez said...

Very sweet post. Thanks for sharing it. And yes, there is always some adjustment.

dianasfaria.com said...

Your story reminds me of my experience last Summer when upon my return from Italy -what felt like for the first time ever-I felt a lack of inspiration and was unable to find anything to photograph. Logically I knew I just had to keep snapping away and trust my inspiration would return to me as well. But I distinctly remember looking around with camera in hand thinking, there is nothing here for me to photograph.
This is still a great post anyway. You always share something interesting about NY!

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Oddly, while vacations recharge our batteries in some ways, they sometimes make it hard to slip back into our daily lives. But you will, Kitty, don't worry. And your daily photos will help you do so, I think.

Ken Mac said...

i feel your situation, sister. I've been reposting some stuff from two years ago. Call me uninspired....

elsie said...

I love "the point" as much as I love your images - I look forward to the fruits of your renewal

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

I hear you on the post vacation blues. I am going through something similar myself. I thought getting away would give me a renewed enthusiasm for my job, for New York, but...not really!! I do love the people I work with though and there are good reasons for me not to make rash decisions, but San Francisco is definitely calling to me. Good luck sorting things out.

F x

Sharon Creech said...

How funny, to 'close' a lawn. . .such a perfect photo.