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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

People Watching, Union Square

A rapt audience
Photo by myself, in Union Square.

A rapt audience listened to a woman preaching in Union Square. I was struck by the man in the hat, whose face had such wonderful shadow and highlights.

For some reason, this open area is known for political rallies, artistic performances, farmers markets and chess matches. There is always something of interest going on.

For a photo of who they were watching, click here.


I never mentioned a client meeting I had the other day. The young couple just purchased an apartment on the Upper West Side, a beautiful duplex in a brownstone. We met in front of the building for a meeting.

The husband was boasting about his commute. 'Seven minutes on the train, two minute walk to the subway station'. But then he lamented his fate, 'Parking in the garage a block away costs 800 bucks a month!'

Holy craparoo.

Leaving your car on the street is useless in Manhattan, since you have to move your car every other day. That's a lot of work. In Brooklyn, you only have to move your car once a week. (Yes, yes, it is safe in most Brooklyn neighborhoods. Your car will still be there the next morning!).

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elsie said...

see that whole car "issue" thing that new yorkers have - it's a completely alien concept here on the "other" coast! - love the facial expression you captured!

Michael Valčić said...

This is a great shot. I love all of the expressions the people have.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Great picture. I did all the walking around this area and I end up missing the Union Square.
I wish I have the subway system that NYC has here in Curitiba. I would love to leave my car at home every working day.

dianasfaria.com said...

surely there has to be a better bargain somewhere in the city - I hope!
I love the enthusiasm you've captured in this groups faces. Nice job Kitty.

Ken Mac said...

ahhh. one of your best! preach brother preach!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog and really should go to bed but your work is keeping me up. You are brilliant.
Your work feeds my soul.
X David, NYC

Kitty said...

Ha Elsiee!
I can see how our parking troubles are completely alien to our friends in California. You guys are lucky with your driveways and such.

Thanks NYC!

Hi Washington
I am so shocked you missed Union Square, with all your comings and goings. It will be here whenever you return.

Thanks Lily
Yeah, the UWS and UES are just plain expensive. I'm sure the village is terrible too. lol.

Thank you Ken!!

Welcome David and thank you!
I really, really enjoyed your beautiful illustrations and stories about living in NYC. I will be visiting your blog again for sure.