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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Singer and Sax, along the Tracks

Subway players
Photo by myself below ground at 79th Street and Broadway.

I encountered a duo of subway musicians, last week. They didn't mind that I was taking photos. The singer crooned to me while the sax player looked to his buddy for tempo.

After a long day at the office, I was absolutely thrilled. Live music can completely change your mood. I've had many magical experiences where my long day has been transformed by a good tune.


I cannot believe this blog has over 500 followers.

As one masked New Yorker in tights said to another a while back, 'Holy heart failure, Batman!'

The feed also has 900+ readers, whatever that means. The readers include crawlers and bots, which are non-humans that troll feeds for news content. Why, I have no idea. But I am flattered.

Anyhow, if I could thank everyone every day for tuning in, I would, except it would make me really, really repetitive. So I will keep my heartfelt thanks to special occasions such as this.

So thank you, everyone. You have made my day. :-)

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Olivier said...

vie et musique dans le metro New Yorkais, belle photo b&w

Natalie said...

hello! I love your photos and after visiting New York last October I really got a feel for the city from your blog and photos before our trip, and now look everyday to see what is going on. You are very lucky to live in such an amazing place, thank you for taking the time to talk to us everyday. (even if it does make me insanely jealous!)

Love to you and yours

Natalie Bournemouth England

Alistair said...

There should be no surprise on your part about the popularity of your pics and blog.
It is intensely interesting ( and yes I do realise how fortunate you are living in New York ) but the pictures reinforce for us, particularly those so far from NY, the vibrant and varied people and places which you show us.
Long may it continue
regards from Forfar Scotland.

Antonina said...

your blog is my homepage :)

and i'm with natalie, after living in the city recently, i look to have an insiders view as the what's going on.

Cesc Sales said...

I love Music. I love saxo!!!

elsie said...

and you make my day Kitty!

RedPat said...

Congrats on the 500 followers - your blog is great. I check it every day and even if I don't always comment I always enjoy it.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty!
Congratulations for your 500 followers! But it is no surprise: your pictures are great, the texts and your point of of NYC is also great.

Lou said...

Yet another brilliant picture by Kitty.

Why are you so surprised you have 500 followers and 900 readers(that's the lot that look but don't commit to 'following')? You have a great blog. I love looking at the pictures, always. :)

Fredrik said...

You deserve all sucess. This is THE New York City blog. I'm so impressed by your progress and I can see your passion for photography. I know the feeling.

Joanne said...

Congratulations:)) Thanks for all the great images you have posted so far...

Kitty said...

Thank you, thank you everyone!

Hi Olivier
I knew you'd like this photo of musicians. You have an uncanny knack for photographing them in action.

Thanks Natalie!
I'm so glad you had a nice time on your visit last Fall.

Honestly I must say that viewing the city through a visitor's eyes every day keeps it fresh for me. I am lucky to have readers to relate to.

Hi Alistair
I'm still waiting to read your blog and hope you commit to something soon.

Hello to Scotland, btw. Mark and I have it on our list of places to visit!

Antonina, I am flattered. Thank you!

Hi Cesc
I love the sax, too. It's not an easy instrument to play, I gather.

Thanks Elsiee!

Thanks RedPat
I'm so glad you made it to the City Daily Photo community.

Thank you Washington!!

Ha Lou, thanks. I wish I had your writing talent, though. Cheers.

Hi Fredrik
Glad you didn't leave the photoblogging world. Your photography is always inspiring me.

Thank you Joanne :-)