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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Portrait of Five New Yorkers, on the Upper East Side

Three dogs
Photo by myself on Madison Avenue, around 63rd Street.

Last week, after visiting a project on the Upper East Side, I encountered a unique sight - two people talking on a corner, each holding their dogs. There were three dogs and two humans, and they all looked to be friends.

I don't usually talk to people I take photos of, but Ivy and Charlie were friendly. I was absolutely thrilled to have permission to post the photo above, and I wish I'd stuck around to chat.

In Ivy's words, all five are 'true New Yorkers'. Charlie is carrying Poochini. Ivy is carrying Tae (left) and Sam (right). Poochini and Sam are four-legged BFF.

This stretch of Madison Avenue is extremely fancy. Chanel, Barney's, DKNY and Bottega Veneta are among the stores in this area. And good luck finding an affordable place to eat.

It was refreshing to encounter fellow New Yorkers who were down-to-earth, regardless of their high end surroundings.

Gian writes that Poochini is the winner of the 2011 Underdog ResQ Calendar Contest! He won by a landslide and will be the face of the calendar. Underdog ResQ rescues dogs from shelters in the Tri-State area.

Oh what a stellar week for Poochini. I had no idea I was meeting a celebrity who has use of only one eye.

The Portrait Series is a once-in-a-while installment, featuring New Yorkers encountered on the street.

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elsie said...

those five New Yorkers actually do embody the casual elegance of Chanel...

Joanne said...

Fabulous shot, these dogs are so lovely!

Stefan Jansson said...

You should talk to people and take their portrait, it's great fun. So this is a good start.

Orient Express Trips said...

These all portrait are really very casual. In all these there are so many things which is great it is one of the unique site. There were three dogs and two humans, and they all looked to be friends.

matt said...

Fun idea. Go for it.

Leif Hagen said...

yes, yes, please add portraits! Wonderful Upper East end portrait with the doggies!

BTW, speaking of doggies, I photographed a guy and his painted up car yesterday relating to his doggie do- do scooping business!

Unknown said...

Big week for Poochini. He was the First Place Cover Winner for Underdog ResQ's 2011 Calendar.
Check out the winners on: http://underdogresq.org/Special/CalendarContest.asp

Kitty said...

Hi Elsiee
I so agree! I love the Chanel sign in the background.

Thanks Joanne!

Thanks Steffe. I'll have to look to you for advice on how to interview strangers.

Thanks Orient Express!

Thanks Matt!

Hi Leif
You must not have posted the photo yet? I look forward to seeing it. We need such people in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Badly.

Thank you Gian, for the link!
My congratulations to Poochini!!

RedPat said...

Dog people are always friendly don't you think - especially when talking about their dogs. Cute portrait.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Great idea Kitty. I really love portraits (even better if you have the opportunity to talk to the people you are shooting).

Pierre said...

Beautiful portraits. I love your vision of NYC.

Unknown said...

Please note that Underdog's Calendar is 2011 not 2001.

The picture was taken on Madison and East 64th St, the southeast corner.

Thank you for this great posting and picture.

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone!

And many thanks again, Gian!
My apologies for the typo. I have corrected it!!

Anonymous said...

Charlie is my friend from 1973 and I am very proud to know him and Poochini!

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