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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pedalling in Style, on Central Park South

Pedicab, NYC
Photo by myself outside the Plaza Hotel, at 59th Street and Central Park South.

Even the pedicabs are decked out to reflect the holiday season.


Beware! As the temperatures drop, it's much more difficult to get a cab, especially during rush hour. At that time, folks compete to get to the theatre, catch the train home or meet someone for dinner.

I had to run to a meeting on Thursday at 4:30 pm. Usually I would take the subway, but this was an emergency. It was very chilly and no available cabs were in sight. Out of desperation, I contemplated taking a pedicab (!).

A gypsy cab pulled over and we talked about price. Gypsy cabs, also known as livery cabs, are unlike the typical yellow cabs that New York is known for. They are usually black or grey sedans and don't have meters.

Gypsy cabs are generally fine to use as long as you negotiate a price beforehand, preferably while you are standing on the sidewalk. In the outer boroughs such as Brooklyn, livery cabs are plentiful and operate out of car services that are open 24/7.

Anyway, I had to get to 65th Street and Madison Avenue, only 20 blocks away. The driver wanted 20 dollars, that is, one dollar for every block. Astounded, I walked away out of principle.

Of course, ten minutes later, I was hailing down another gypsy cab. Twenty bucks was the going rate, and twenty bucks it was. It was that or running 20 blocks uptown.

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Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

NIce pedicab! Apple store and FAO Schwarz back there!
20 blocks during the winter seems to be hard!

lewi14@gmail.com said...

Great Christmas decoration.

Cesc Sales said...

Take your bike and run!!!!

Nina Sibonne said...

I love New york....:)
and your pictures are beautiful.

Pierre said...

Very sweet and romantic photo. Bike special lovers

Joanne said...

How wonderful! Real Xmas spirit...

Mike said...

I like the design :)