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Friday, December 10, 2010

Touring Along Fifth Avenue, Midtown

Tourists, Fifth Avenue
Photo by myself on Fifth Avenue, in Midtown.

Visitors are out in full force right now along Fifth Avenue. The weather has taken a turn for winter. The lower temperatures seem even lower with the brisk wind.

I think this was taken around Rockefeller Center. Across the street is St. Patrick's Cathedral, which is now under scaffolding for repairs or cleaning. Incidentally, the main branch of the New York Public Library is also being cleaned. The west side facing Bryant Park is absolutely pristine, while the east side entrance is obscured.

It's unfortunate - on any given visit to New York, some iconic buildings will be under scaffolding. This means that if you visit, you'll have to visit at least twice to get a full view of everything.

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Olivier said...

et oui, nous passons nos vacances a regarder le monde a travers d'un ecran d'appareil photo ;)

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
It's remarkable to watch tourists. The gesture is automatic.

They tend to look at something, then immediately take a photo. Yes, they see everything through the camera, the eyeball is not enough.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hi Kitty! For me it is ok to visit NYC as much as it takes to see everything.
I did not get what Tim said about your blog. I do not see any prejudice in your comments. You are always very polite. Of course you have to comment what you see based on your convictions and beliefs, it is your blog and that is the purpose here (and that is why we like you!).

elsie said...

you've inspired me once again:

Tim- seriously?!?!? your comment appears to describe your own attitude and behavior how interesting...

Kitty said...

Hi Washington!

Once again, I must say that you should definitely visit during Fall/Winter. Mark prefers Fall. He says it's the best season of all. ;-)

Hi Elsiee
Thanks for the mention, dear! I have a soft spot for working dogs too.

Lou said...

Having been to NY in December i know they must be freezing right there. It makes me smile, i was always nervous to do what that lady is doing- look up and take a picture- because it tells everyone that you're a tourist! Now i don't care. I'll look up with the best of them! :)