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Thursday, May 12, 2011

On a Musical Interlude and the NYT Hawk Cam

Sax Player, UWS
Photo by myself around Columbus and 80th Street, on the Upper West Side.

Outside the Natural History Museum on the Upper West Side, there was the sound of a lone sax playing a soulful tune.

We are having wonderful weather these days, though cool at night. It's perfect for strolling about.

This musician graciously allowed me to take his photo while he played.

Saxophone, UWS


Meanwhile, watching the live video feed on the hawks at Washington Square Park is a little like watching The Truman Show.

Viewers are very opinionated about recent developments with the hawk couple, Violet and Bobby. Violet will be captured today (Thursday) to remove a metal band on one of her legs, which has been troubling her.

The webcam is pretty cool, right by the hawks' nest. During the day, you can see the arch of Washington Square Park, below.

Unfortunately, Violet and her mate Bobby have a young chick. The chick will probably need to be captured as well and enter a lifetime of captivity. Birds that are captured at too young an age do not develop normally and cannot be released back into the wild.

With the round-the-clock webcam on the nest, viewers have gotten attached to this family of birds. Everyone has an opinion. Some are relieved that Violet will finally be treated. Others question why she was wearing a metal band to begin with.

There is no correct answer, only hopes that Violet will avoid too much time away from her mate.

To read the latest news on the hawks on the Times website, click here.

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Olivier said...

il me fait penser au saxophoniste que je voyais a chaque voyage dans central park. beau portrait

Nori said...

I wonder how much money you threw in his box.
He looks so clean...

kenju said...

That musician has an impressively large money catcher!! I wonder if it ever fills up?

Ken Mac said...

nice shots! And a snazzy collection can..

Leif Hagen said...

He looks like a kind, musical fellow. I bet it was fun to listen to his music!

Mo said...

Great potrait

Kitty said...

Apologies to those who posted comments on this post before. Blogger was down for half a day and when it came back up, the comments were gone.