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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A View of Spring, from Central Park South

From Central Park South
Photo by myself from Central Park South.

After a long winter, Central Park is suddenly green.

The view above Central Park is nice enough from the east and from the west, but it's altogether different from the shorter ends. You get a real sense of how deep the park is, spanning fifty blocks north to south.

I have to say that the views during Fall are the best of all. Stay tuned in another four months, when the leaves change color.

For a look from the same window in January, click here.


Apologies for the hiccup in time. Blogger was down Thursday night, preventing anyone from editing or posting on their blogs.

On a good note, there are 700 followers on this blog! Woohoo!! What a milestone!!

Thanks to everyone out there. You keep me going every day. I look forward to posting more photos daily from this fantastic city.

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eduiracheta said...

Oh! It is fantastic, I hope go one day, good blog I follow you.

RedPat said...

After winter it is nice to see the green - I can wait a bit for the fall colours!

Nori said...

fine view have and nice capture!

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Hey! Congrats for your 700 followers! It is because you and NYC are amazing!!

Cesc Sales said...

The park and all its glory!

Anonymous said...

wow what a difference between winter-Central-Park and spring-Central-Park!!!
Congrats on the 700th followers, might be even more still since then, keep up the good work!!