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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tongue in Cheek, on the Sidewalk and in the Subway

Pirate Sign, Brooklyn
Photo by myself around 12th Street and Fifth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

A dive bar in Park Slope often posts a funny saying on the sandwich board outside.


For living in a stressful place, New Yorkers seem to retain their sense of humor.

Not only in terms of happy hour, but dinner. Served on the subway. The L train, to be exact.

For $100 a seat, diners were served up delicious plates of caviar, foie gras, filet mignon and chocolate panna cotta. Sitting elbow-to-elbow, the six-course dinner took only 30 minutes.

Eating and drinking is usually against the rules on the subway. Somehow these folks managed to squeak by.

For the article in the Times, including some fabulous photos of the dinner, click here.

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Beatrice B. said...

nice slogan on the black board! hehehe... Arrr


RedPat said...

Love that sandwich board - I have to use that phrase some day. What a great idea for a pop-up diner on the subway - in & out before the authorities catch wind of it. Brilliant.

Sweet Lily said...

I'm a pirate, because the only sound I can come out with is "ARRR".....

chickenunderwear said...

I think that is 5th Ave, bucko.

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone!

Thanks Chicken especially. I don't know where my brain was when I posted that. lol.