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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get on with the Show, on Broadway

On Broadway
Photo by myself, around 46th Street and Broadway.

Some visitors were enjoying themselves Wednesday, in the theater district. As usual, there are many new and long-running musicals playing right now, ranging from 'Chicago', 'Stomp' and 'Avenue Q' to 'Rent' and 'Mary Poppins'.

The Theater District is in the West 40's near the long avenue called Broadway, however few of the theaters are located on Broadway itself. Most theaters are located on side streets.

The terms 'on' and 'off' Broadway refer to the amount of seats a theater can seat. Broadway theaters have 500 seats or more. 'Off Broadway' shows play to 100-499 people, while 'off off Broadway' shows have audiences less than 100 seats.

Making it 'on Broadway' means having enough talent and celebrity to play to a large house.

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Olivier said...

la photo touristique , excellent

Nori said...

Goooood information! Thanks, Kitty!

s.c said...

Nice portrait of tourists in action. How would it be as she had stand before the mamma poster. Well you have to do with the moment. Still great.

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Broadway is awesome!

dianasfaria.com said...

Interesting info Kitty.
& very nice capture of a nice moment.

Beatrice B. said...

so cute!!!