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Friday, August 26, 2011

On the Opera Collective and Hurricane Irene

Opera, 34th Street NYC
Photo by myself at the 34th Street subway station.

A woman performed parts of the Marriage of Figaro earlier this week to a riveted crowd. Her colleague in the background waited his turn to perform.

I'm sure most people have never heard opera performed live before. The Opera Collective is one way that opera is brought to the public.

For more about the Opera Collective, click here.


At the moment, New York is currently bracing itself for a potential hurricane (!).

Hurricane Irene is sweeping up the East Coast. She's due to land in New York on Sunday. No telling whether Irene will be a Category I hurricane at the point or a tropical storm. Extreme winds and flooding are expected.

We've had hurricane threats before and they haven't amounted to much. Currently people are clearing their yards and parking their cars in the garage.

If I don't post on Sunday, you'll know why.

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RedPat said...

Hopefully Irene heads out to sea before she reaches you! Be safe.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Stay safe Kitty

Washington Cesar Takeuchi said...

Please take care!

Banjo52 said...

Good luck with weather, Kitty.

Pierre said...

Irene became the superstar of the moment. Hoping that does not a Death Star.

Marcia said...

Please stay safe Kitty.

Andi said...

Take care of yourself Kitty, I wish you and Mark a safe weekend !!
Andrea x

Leif Hagen said...

I love the live Opera out on the street idea! She really drew attention with a RED dress and you music!
Good luck with the weather - hope your raincoat and rain-boots are in your front hallway!
My parents-in-law are supposed to fly from Newark to Dublin tonight.......