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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cold Turkey, in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Cold Turkey
Photo by myself, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

A sign outside a neighborhood bar bore a quote from one H. (Homer) Simpson. Ha.


I celebrated a birthday last week, and Mark prodded me with questions.

'What do you want for your birthday? A camera?'

No, no, I am perfectly fine with my cameras, I assured him.

But then. I got. To thinking. (!!!)

My little Canon G11 has a little smudge on the lens that will not go away. My Canon 40D is perfect but very heavy to carry on a daily basis. Plus when focusing, it looks like I'm aiming a bazooka.

I envy my Flickr friends who toggle easily between many cameras. Could I free myself from monogamy?

So I've been looking at the Sony NEX cameras and the Leica D-Lux 5. Oh how to choose! My head is all a-swirl.

Do any readers use one of these cameras? If so, please leave me a note. I'd love to know your experiences. What is the ideal small, inconspicuous camera that takes great photos quickly?

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Olivier said...

Le "Nex Sony" est vraiment très bon comme appareil, et tu peux changer d'objectif (mais cela fait drôle a voir ce petit appareil avec l'objectif)

auchnacree said...

Hello Kitty
I use an LX3 when I have time and inclination to carry it but generally carry a Panasonic FX 70 which produces, thro' a 2.2 leica lens, decent shots consistently. Of course I operate on the basis that I need to get the maximum out of my cameras and the latter FX 70 can do so much despite its small size.
Give it a look

s.c said...

Hoi Kitty .
You can't go wrong with one of the camera's . The D-lux with leica lens and the sony with zeiss. If you can get the new sony nex-5n with its panorama sweep possibility's it is practical for street or room photography. Also with the sony you can change lenses with is not possible with the leica .( But the lens goes from 24 to 90 mm ). That makes a sony a little havier than the leica unless you use one of the so called pancake lenses. Also important with one have the highest iso rating without noise problems. For a direct compare look at dpreview where you can see all things better explained then I do.

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Wow, such a delicious dilemma, Kitty. Both sound like excellent cameras, but the Sony looks a little less compact. That might almost put it in the 40D category for hauling around. And the Leica--well, it's a Leica. How cool is that? You could feel a little like Henri Cartier-Bresson every time you held it to your eye.

Kitty said...

Thank you everyone!
I value all the feedback and am just a wee bit overwhelmed by the choices out there.

Olivier, I agree! The Sony camera does look weird when paired up with the big lens. Haha.

Hello Auchnacree
That's the ultimate coolness which I can only aspire to - pairing a camera with a different lens altogether. I will look up your camera!

Yes, I look at dpreview too, it's great though a bit technical and abstract. After a while, the head hurts ;-)

I see a lot of the Sony photos done up in black and white. That makes me think hm...the color photos must not be so good? Thanks for mentioning the panorama function. Interesting!!

Hi Terry!
The Leica name definitely has its cache. I wish i could be more objective but I am a human after all. With weaknesses!

liisamarja said...

i've visited your blog frequently for a while now. some people take great photoes no matter what kind of camera they're using, you're one of them.

give two people same fansy-pansy cameras and the other one catches great images, and the other one, well, has lifeless pictures.

on the other hand, fansy-pansy cameras are hard to resist...

Kitty said...

Oh, thank you Liisamarja!

It's all too easy to focus on the equipment, isn't it?
The equipment only does so much.