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Sunday, October 30, 2011

An Early Snowfall, in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Prospect Park fall snow
Photo by myself in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Saturday, we had an early snowstorm. The trees lashed about and by the afternoon, the moderate rain turned to snow.

This morning, the sun came out and the park was full of dogs and their owners, who were happy to get outside. It was nice in the sunshine but a bit windy and chilly in the shade. Above, you can see our dog Rupert in the lower right corner, trotting back to us.

Most of the New York parks have off leash hours for dogs before 9 am every day. It's a great way to exercise and socialize your dog. There are fenced in dog runs, too, that are open all the time.

Boston Terrier in snow
Rupert, our Boston Terrier, is absolutely in love with the rubber ball. He can play fetch for hours.

Skiing, Prospect Park, Brooklyn
One Brooklynite decided to get on his skiis.

Prospect Park fall snow
Everyone and everything is casting long, bluish shadows.

We've been hearing that this winter will be a wet one, meaning lots of snow. Ugh.

I'm not one for constant sunshine, but a lot of snow is just the pits. Not so nice, trudging back and forth to the subway on dark mornings. Usually it doesn't snow here until at least November.

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biebkriebels said...

That is weird, the snow with the green trees in the back. Incredible so early winter wonderland. Rupert looks cute in his fancy jacket!

Seitenstra├če said...

this is UN.BE.LIEVABLE!!!

RedPat said...

Dogs love snow!! I don't - we have nice sunny warmish weather here.

Leeds daily photo said...

Thats a very natty coat that Rupert has, just right for rolling in the snow.

Kitty said...

Hi Bieb
Yes it does look weird!

I hope this was a freak snowfall and we don't start seeing snow and leaves at the same time.

Thanks Beatrice!

Hi RedPat
The dogs loved the snow, prancing about and playing. We are envying your warm weather!

Hi Paul
Thank you! I think it's from Sweden.