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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ghoulish Greetings on the R Train

Halloween, NYC
Photo by myself, somewhere underground.

The streets and subways were populated with grown up skeletons, bumblebees, devils and zombies.

The annual Halloween parade started Monday night near Spring Street and Sixth Avenue. Tons of people lined the streets to watch the celebrants march north to 16th Street, Union Square.

Above, a couple strangers met on the subway, one obviously stranger than the other. Yuk, yuk. A bony friend sat near me, as you can see by his bony hand on the left.

Apologies for the grainy photo. I am still getting a handle on the new camera buttons!

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Gunn said...

I wish this image came with a sound!:)

biebkriebels said...

Some people look bored, such fun...

Nori said...

Unbelievable scene to us!
New York!! Waooo!

Marcia said...

Funny thing is no one seems to care, it's all part of a subway ride, lol.

Ken Mac said...

that beige interior just adds to the dead ghoul feeling don't ya think?