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Monday, November 28, 2011

In the News, Underground

Newsstand, NYC
Photo by myself at the 42nd Street subway station.

Many of the larger subway stations have newspaper stands on the platforms. The vendors sell everything from magazines to candy to cigarettes.


Mark and I are still in Puerto Rico, where we have been vacationing with relatives.

We're having a great time, though we've been trying to get used to how much sun there is. Even in the summer months, the sun is never that strong in New York.

I have to wonder what NYC would be like with more sun. New Yorkers would certainly be a less grumbly bunch!

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Olivier said...

superbe portrait et photo tres graphique, j'aime beaucoup.

s.c said...

The colors and compositing looks a bit like the photo,s of Gursky ( his picture of the 99cents supermarket) or Burtinsky . Only the guy is here the dissonant. But of course thats just in the eye of the beholder. On the whole a great one of just a news seller . Thanks for showing Kitty.

Gunn said...

Nice portrait / documentary.

RedPat said...

Great colourful shot! Enjoy the sun.

FL said...

Very nice portrait! Did you ask the permission to the guy?

Kitty said...

Thanks everyone!

I took the photo as a candid and showed him afterwards. He did not look thrilled but I asked whether he wanted me to delete it and he said no.

There was a moment where I wish I'd asked permission beforehand. He'd looked so great, though. Posed photos often lose that something because the person as their 'photo face' on.

Unknown said...

Great shot and a great blog. Street photography in N.Y: sounds better than my street shots of Gothenburg. ;-))

I never ask permission myself, if it's not a portrait I'm doing.
Cool site! Keep up the good work.