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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look Ma, No Hands...in the East Village

Unicycle, NYC
Photo by myself, around 7th Street and First Avenue, in the East Village.

A fellow pedalled around the East Village, Christmas Day.

You see cyclists and pedicabs in the city all the time. Unicycles, not so much.


A friend of mine was hit by a two-wheeled cyclist recently.

Like many New Yorkers, he was crossing in the middle of the street. It was on a one-way street, but my friend didn't look both ways. The cyclist was riding in the wrong direction, wasn't expecting to encounter someone, and, KABOOM!

Accident. Bodies flung in the air. There were some scrapes and bruising but no one was terribly hurt, thank goodness.

The trouble here is that everyone thinks s/he has the right of way.

The drivers curse at other drivers for being indecisive, or looking for parking spaces, or not signaling, or putting on their signal when they're not turning. The cyclists curse the drivers for not watching out and for being generally obnoxious.

The pedestrians curse everyone because, god knows, New York is a pedestrian city and pedestrians are always right.

Frankly, I'm surprised accidents don't happen more often!

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Olivier said...

Bravo, un acrobate du velo ;) super

s.c said...

Well that solution for his bike parking problems is not for every one I think. Still nice to go trough the smallest holes in traffic. Nice captured Kitty. In the Netherlands it was a rage under school children a little time ago but by missing a bell, light and a brake ( in holland required) the where discouraged to use it as means of real transport.

biebkriebels said...

He is a real circus artist, cool man.

Luis Gomez said...


RedPat said...

You always have to be on the look-out for a bike here - on sidewalks, running red lights and stop signs, etc.

Wayne said...

The last sentence says it all. It applies here too. It's some kind of miracle that there aren't a lot more accidents.

Ken Mac said...

our good gritty streets