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Sunday, February 12, 2012

All Things Food at Brooklyn Kitchen, in Williamsburg

Bklyn Kitchen
Photo by myself, at Frost and Leonard Streets, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A typical denim-clad Brooklynite lurks in the background.

Upon entering Brooklyn Kitchen, you are greeted by...a life-sized cow wearing a taxi cap, a New York apple and a necklace of hamburgers. There are images of the Chrysler Building and Statue of Liberty on her side. Ahem.

Mark and I dropped by Brooklyn Kitchen on Saturday afternoon, a one-of-a-kind place that is part grocery, part butcher, part classroom and part bookstore.

Purchase fancy knives downstairs, while your friend waits in line for fresh sausages. Or sign up for a class, ranging from 'pig butchering' to 'How to Make Kickass Pizza at Home'. Upstairs, a roomy teaching kitchen gets its fair use.

I really loved the youthful and friendly grass roots vibe. We walked away with a big container of pre-made chili, some groceries and plans to return.

To check out the Brooklyn Kitchen website, click here.

Bklyn Kitchen
In line at the Meat Hook, the butchery on the first floor. Everything looked spotless.

Bklyn Kitchen/Meat Hook
The esoteric sausage menu includes 'Thai Thing' and 'Roast Beef Sandwich'. Note the saws in the background. Yipes!

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s.c said...

Great post about a phenomena unknown for sure in the netherlands. In amsterdam several food courts where tried but for an unknown reason it always came to nothing.

Leif Hagen said...

Now that is a lovable cow! Different than the "holy" cows wandering around India! Looks like a yummy market to visit, Kitty!

RedPat said...

Looks like my kind of place!

Anonymous said...

Loved it Kitty, def my kind of place too, from the cow on......
formerly (Rose from Oz)

J.Scott said...

Looks like a great mom & pop kind of butcher shop. They are always the best makers of sausages. If you get a chance try Chorizo sausage on pizza rather than peperoni. It makes for a nice spicy change.