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Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Early Spring, in the Flower District

Flower District, nyc
Photo by myself on 28th Street and Sixth Avenue.

The Flower District has been reduced to just a couple blocks in the 20's on the west side. I walked through the other day, and the tulips and fragrant paperwhites on display smelled like Spring.

Photographers, restauranteurs and decorators come here to supply their photoshoots and interiors. You can grab enormous planters here, too, along with small trees.

For those less successful with living things, silk flowers are available, ha. All the stores are open primarily on the weekdays for business.

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paul46 said...

Whenever I had a meeting near the Flower District I would go out of my way to walk through it. It's a one more area that makes NYC so interesting and an area of the city that so few people are aware of.

Luis Gomez said...

It is so amazing to see all this green already.

RedPat said...

It looks like spring!