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Friday, February 17, 2012

Death Before Decaf, in Brooklyn

Death Before Decaf, Brooklyn
Photo by myself on Ainslie and Leonard Streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

There are a few different signs on Champs Coffeehouse in Williamsburg, including an old canopy bearing the name 'Pat's Grocery Store'.

This photo was taken last weekend, so there were some hearts up in anticipation of Valentine's Day.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Luis Gomez said...

Love this one!

Anonymous said...

Spoke to me today, Kitty...
Happy Friday - Happy Weekend..

Hope you are well...! : )

Abraham Lincoln said...

NI am fed up with the capchas on Blogger so I moved to WordPress. I happened to see your post today and liked the colors. Nice shot.

Leeds daily photo said...

Yep I agree with the sentiment, I just do not get decaf.