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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making TV Shows and Rain, on the Upper West Side

On Set, NYC
Photo by myself at 75th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, on the Upper West Side.

The bright lights of an outdoor TV shoot were impossible to miss. There were several large white production trucks that were parked nearby. You see these often in the city.

A crane was supporting a gizmo in mid-air called a 'rain maker'. This is essentially a sprinkler connected to a hose suspended in mid-air, so that rain can be simulated. A scene was being shot inside one of the apartment buildings.

I spoke briefly with one of the production guys, who said they were filming a tv pilot. It was supposed to be raining outside, and daytime (!). Seems like a bit of work for some ambiance, but I'm sure these guys knew what they were doing.

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Olivier said...

superbe l'ombre de la grue sur le batiment

Andy said...

Kitty, this is a great night shot. Keep on clicking.

s.c said...

Nice to see how it works. Great to turn night in daylight. Must have todo with less traffic and disturbing public order. Or perhaps without light you have the circumstances of the light exactly in your own hand. Who knows. Still nice picture. Thanks for showing.

biebkriebels said...

That is interesting to see how they make rain for movies. But the other way around is more difficult I think. To wait the rain stops when they need sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the apartment on How I Met Your Mother around 75th and Amsterdam? Sweet...