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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hats Anyone? On Prince Street

Hats on Prince, NYC
Photo by myself on Prince and Mulberry Streets, in Soho.

This little stretch on the north side of Prince Street is always populated with vendors selling clothing and jewelry. On this day, there were hats and fancy ties on display.

Beyond the high brick wall are the grounds of Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, the first Cathedral in Manhattan, dating from the early 1800's. There is a small gated cemetery there. When I was there recently, part of the church was under renovation.

This photo is from the stash.

By the way, the tickertape parade will be held today to honor the New York Giants, who won this year's Superbowl. I'm not sure I am crazy enough to venture to the parade. We shall see!

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Olivier said...

en effet une belle collection de chapeaux

Anonymous said...

Yessssss you have to go to the parade!!!!

Also, do you carry a camera bag, or can you recommend an insert for purses?

/ Carlyq80

Kitty said...

Hi Olivier
Yes I wish I'd gone to take a closer look at the hats. They look well done.

Hi Carlyq!
I don't carry a camera bag for either my larger DSLR or my little Leica. My Leica lives in a knit cap right now, ha. There is a screen on the back, so it's best to put it in something, else it could be scratched with an errant set of keys.